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Custom Meat Processing


     At New York Custom Processing, LLC, we have experienced professionals dressing, butchering and processing livestock into steaks, roasts, patties and other products. Custom meat processing is what we do best. All meat is packaged in vacuum bags to ensure freshness and extend shelf life at no additional charge to you.


The Art of Custom Meat Processing


     Custom meat processing is an art. Practice really does

make perfect here. At New York Custom Processing, LLC,

we’ve processed thousands of head livestock, which means

we know how to cut the steaks, roasts and ribs the right way

to maximize flavor and tenderness.

      Even if you have experience butchering livestock, you

may still have difficulty cutting up to get maximum yield.

A beef's anatomy is completely different from either swine or

lamb. If you don’t have the right skill level to butcher and

process your own animal and you try anyway, you risk

ruining the valuable meat as well as wasting much of it

unnecessarily. If you cut the animal the wrong way,

along the grain, the resulting meat may be so tough as to be completely inedible. Why not leave the custom meat processing to us? New York Custom Processing, LLC can turn your livestock into great products you and your family will enjoy. We offer a wide range of options for custom meat processing and packaging at affordable prices.


Meat Chart


     The meat chart for beef is a great resource to help you understand where various cuts of meat are located on the animal. Click on the chart on this page for a larger view. 

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